Mark C. King

Steampunk and Victorian Author of Adventure and Mystery


Cover art by Lyssa Chiavari

Carousel of Faults

Book Reapers 2

Are we defined by our faults?

Naomi Gladwyn’s life went from abominable to amazing. Narrowly avoiding life in a dismal London workhouse, she ended up with an adopted family and dear friends. This new life, however, is not without its thorns.


Much of her time revolves around Dark Books – books that are so emotional, so influential, that a reader cannot help but carry out what is written, often with deadly results. She now hunts these dangerous tomes with her adopted father, Mr. Stafford.


In addition, a past mistake, a torturous secret, haunts her and, when revealed, puts everything she has and everything she ever wanted in jeopardy.


Cover art by Lyssa Chiavari

The Book Reapers

How safe are your stories...

Victorian England, 1891. Naomi Gladwyn is an awkward girl, who is uncomfortable in crowds, has more self-doubt than confidence, and would much rather sit quietly reading than attend the most lavish of celebrations. After the deaths of her parents and her uncle's mysterious disappearance along with the rest of the crew of the infamous ghost ship Mary Celeste, her prospects look grim. But just before her eighteenth birthday, when she's to be sent to live out her days in a work house, she runs away - and finds herself swept into the dark world of the Book Reapers, a secret society that knows there's more to some books than meets the eye.


Naomi always thought reading was her safest refuge. But she's about to learn that some books are very dangerous...

Tomb of Hannu

Sigmund Shaw 3

Careful what you wish for...

Sarah Clarke, fifteen year old niece of Sigmund Shaw, had never had any adventure in her life – outside of books. When her friend, Charlotte Merrihail, a reporter for the Strand Magazine, asked her to come along on an assignment in Egypt, Sarah thought she could finally experience something that was not just in her imagination. What ensues is far beyond her dreams…or nightmares.


A threatening curse, an impossible prophecy, and violent secret societies, are only the beginning of what Sarah will find herself up against.


Along with Sigmund and Charlotte, an adventure awaits them that will test their sanity, their friendships, and their lives.

Whispers of Bedlam Asylum

Sigmund Shaw 2

A Sigmund Shaw Mystery

Even the splendor of Victorian Age London was not without its faults. In its heart is one of the darkest places in human history, Bedlam Asylum. The whispered rumours of brutality, fear, and hopelessness turn out to be only the beginning of its cruelty.


One man is trying to protect his family by uncovering the worst of Bedlam’s hidden secrets. One woman is following in her late husband’s footsteps to try and help those that can’t help themselves.


They will both find that looking for evil does not necessarily make one prepared to find it.



Sigmund Shaw: A Steampunk Adventure

Some secrets should not remain hidden...

Turn of the century London, a gritty world of steam and clockwork. Sigmund Shaw wants nothing more than to care for his sister and his niece, even if it means occasionally exceeding the law. Although reluctant, his penchant for gadgets and creativity makes him a successful thief – until he is accused of a crime he actually didn’t commit. With the threat of war looming from within the Empire, Sigmund needs to find allies to prove his innocence and prevent the unthinkable.


While the mystery unfolds, the ramifications grow resulting in blackmail, murder, battles on the ground and in the clouds – and an invention that could change the world forever.


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